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    11.20.13 Elder Rights Clinic Attracts Coverage, Holds 11/21 Debate on Euthanasia
    Elderly Clinic story

    Brooklyn Law School’s newly launched Elder Rights Clinic, a collaboration with the South Brooklyn Legal Services Elderlaw Project and the Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention, is attracting media attention for its work.

    Among the coverage is a New York Law Journal article focused on new field clinics. “In addition to identifying and intervening in cases of elder abuse, students are also representing senior citizens in eviction cases and evaluating their food, housing and health care needs,” the paper noted of the Elder Rights Clinic.

    The Clinic was also featured in BiFocal, an influential journal of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging, which stated: “The news [of the Clinic] is timely as more baby boomers enter the 60+ age bracket and the legal needs of older adults continue to expand. By 2030, it is estimated by the Department of City Planning that the borough of Brooklyn alone will have as many as 410,000 residents over the age of 65. Yet today, 53 percent of Brooklyn residents in that same demographic struggle with desperately low incomes.”

    Leading the dialogue on important topics, the Elder Rights Clinic and the Elder Law Society will hold an on-campus discussion, “The Right of Passing,” on November 21. The event will feature a debate on the moral and legal issues surrounding euthanasia, and whether certain life-ending methods should be characterized as assisted suicide or aid in dying. All are welcome to attend.

    Speakers include David C. Leven, Esq., the Executive Director of Compassion & Choices of NY, an affiliate of the national organization that works for terminally ill patients’ rights to receive pain and symptom management, and supports choice at the end of life; and Anne Studholme, Esq., a veteran advocate for several national disability rights groups opposed to the legalization of assisted suicide or aid in dying. Professor Nelson Tebbe, a noted scholar of constitutional law, will provide a brief overview of the law surrounding euthanasia and moderated the debate.