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    11.20.13 BLS Faculty and Alumni Rank High in Two Significant Reports

    Brooklyn Law School’s greatest assets are its students, faculty, and alumni. In addition to the ongoing achievements of BLS students, two recent studies highlight the stature of the Law School’s faculty and graduates.  

    The Leiter Report, the most respected and comprehensive study assessing law school faculty scholarship, ranked Brooklyn Law School’s faculty 49th nationwide on the coveted list of Top 50 Best Law Faculties. The poll was aimed at identifying which institutions have the "best faculties" in terms of scholarly distinction.

    “Not a day goes by when I am not impressed with our faculty,” said Dean Allard. “They are an outstanding group who not only contribute significantly to legal discourse and nationwide scholarship, but are also invested in the intellectual development of our students.”

    In addition, according to a Pepperdine University School of Law study, Brooklyn Law School’s alumni are well represented in the corporate boardroom. The study used the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings of publicly traded companies to determine which law schools have the highest percentage of alumni serving as corporate directors or executive officers. Brooklyn Law School placed on the top 25 list for corporate leadership.

    Read more about BLS faculty and alumni.