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    10.31.13 Record-Breaking Bar Passage Rate for Class of 2013

    Brooklyn Law School is pleased to announce that 94% of BLS first-time test takers passed the July exam – far surpassing the 86% statewide average for first-time test takers from ABA-approved institutions. The Class of ’13 bar passage rate is the Law School’s highest in the past 25 years.

    “We are enormously proud of the accomplishment of all of our students who have passed the bar,” said Dean Nick Allard. Dean Allard explained that the high passage rate is “no doubt due to many factors.” “First, as is the case with cooking, it helps to start with quality ingredients like BLS students,” he said. “They are not only bright and motivated, but they put the work in that it takes to pass, including bar prep classes that the law school offers during term. Credit also goes to the preparation BLS students received from the Law School’s outstanding faculty over the three or four years that our students were with us. In particular, students also benefited from hands on counseling and support from many individual faculty members such as Professor Linda Feldman.”

    “I can tell you that from the day I began, the Board of Trustees and the faculty made it clear that passing the bar and finding jobs were top priorities and we have worked to those goals,” continued Dean Allard. “There are a lot of smiles around the law school today, and we are equally pleased to hear that our recent graduates are finding good jobs at a faster clip than in recent years.” In the hopes of even doing better next year, we will examine carefully the experiences of those who did not pass the bar to see what more can be done on our end to increase the success rate even further.”