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    09.16.13 Professor Stacy Caplow Named Associate Dean for Professional Legal Education
    picture of a teacher

    For nearly 40 years, Brooklyn Law School’s Clinical Education Program has stood among the most respected training grounds for lawyers. Every semester, hundreds of students receive high-quality practical training in its varied clinics and externships, taught by nationally recognized clinical educators. Behind this success has been Professor Stacy Caplow, who has served as the program’s Director since 1984.

    This August, Dean Nick Allard recognized Professor Caplow’s leadership by appointing her to a new role: Associate Dean for Professional Legal Education. The newly created position will encompass not only clinical education but also simulation courses, the Office of Public Service Programs, and other aspects of professional skills and career development.

    “Under Professor Caplow’s direction, our clinical program has commanded the attention and respect of students, educators, and practitioners alike,” said Dean Nick Allard. “The vision and knowledge she brings to her new role will be pivotal to our innovations. She is an extraordinary asset, and will continue to help drive Brooklyn Law School’s momentum.” 

    In addition to shepherding the Law School’s 30 clinics and externships, Professor Caplow has developed a 2-year fellowship in practice program for third-year students. Launching this fall, the program is designed to improve the practical skills of new lawyers, while expanding the ability of nonprofit organizations and government agencies to provide legal services. Professor Caplow has led every aspect of its implementation, from securing unanimous faculty approval to arranging collaborations with partners in both the public and private sectors. More details will be announced soon.

    A pioneering clinical teacher, Professor Caplow teaches immigration law, criminal law, international criminal law, and immigration law-related seminars, as well as co-directs the Safe Harbor Project. She has also taught a criminal defense clinic, a prosecution clinic, both the Criminal Practice and Judicial externship programs, criminal procedure, trial advocacy, and Law & Film. She regularly writes articles and op-eds, co-authored a treatise in federal criminal law and procedure, and was twice named a first-prize winner in the Clinical Legal Education Association creative writing contest.

    Outside of the Law School, she is a member of the Judge Robert A. Katzmann New York Immigrant Representation Study Group, and has served as President of CLEA; on the board of editors of the Clinical Law Review; as consultant on clinical education to law faculties at Hong Kong University and University College Cork (as a Fulbright Fellow) and in Armenia and Georgia; and on 10 site inspection teams for the American Bar Association.

    “Brooklyn Law School has always been a home for exceptional students who seek real-world legal experience,” said Professor Caplow. “They have been lucky to start their careers in clinics taught by energetic and dedicated clinical faculty members. Today, students have more opportunities than ever to gain experience as lawyers before graduation. This is an exciting time in the Law School’s history, and I am delighted that experiential education is being given so much prominence in our future plans.”