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    08.21.13 Dean Nick Allard Featured as Frequent Commentator on Technology and Law
    Nick Allard

    Dean Nick Allard has published several articles this month, each of them framing recent technology-related headlines in a legal context.

    In an op-ed for the New Jersey Law Journal, he examined the balance between protecting citizens’ safety and preserving their privacy in the era of “big data.” The issue is timely: The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled unanimously in July that police must obtain warrants to access information on a crime suspect’s cellphone location. With potentially far-reaching implications, the decision foreshadows what will be a growing legal emphasis on privacy rights, which Dean Allard calls “the biggest civil rights issue of our time.” This new reality “puts a new responsibility on law schools to ensure that we are prepared to address for the coming explosion of privacy concerns,” he wrote.

    He explored the topic further in Understanding the Legal Issues of Computer Forensics (Thomson Reuters Westlaw, 2013), a newly published book for which he contributed a chapter titled “The Globalization of Information Privacy and Security in Cyberspace: Government, Law and Society in the 21st Century Online World.” In it he called the issue of information security a “ticking time bomb” and offered specific advice to legal professionals.   

    And in a Business Insider op-ed, Dean Allard offered broader perspective on Jeff Bezos’ recent purchase of the Washington Post. Visionaries like Bezos create business and legal issues that never existed before, opening up new frontiers for lawyers. “That’s what makes the legal profession a challenge and that’s what makes it fun,” he wrote.