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    07.17.13 Professor Lawrence Solan Featured in Wall Street Journal Blog about J.K. Rowling Revelation
    Professor Lawrence Solan

    The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy Blog cited Professor Lawrence Solan's scholarship in an article about The Cuckoo’s Calling, the crime novel revealed to be written by J.K. Rowling. The London Times broke the news last week after hiring authorship attribution experts, whose software programs detected stylistic similarities between “Robert Galbraith” and Rowling, prompting the author to confess to her pen name. The investigation yielded insight into the strengths and limitations of computerized authorship analysis, which applies to both the literary and legal spheres. As the article noted, Professor Solan describes the tension between forensic linguistics and computer-driven methods as “intuition versus algorithm” – a dynamic on full display at the two-day Author Attribution Workshop that he led last fall at BLS. Professor Solan and other experts examined author attribution in an accompanying issue of the Journal of Law and Policy.  

    Read the full article.