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    07.16.13 Dean Nick Allard on Need for Lawyers in Compliance and Risk Management in New Yahoo! Finance Op-Ed
    Nick Allard

    In an op-ed for Yahoo! Finance, Dean Nick Allard highlighted the need for highly skilled compliance and risk officers – and the growing desire among hiring managers for J.D. degrees. Compliance officers not only navigate regulations behind mergers and corporate deals, but can also help facilitate “unimaginable growth and change of an industry,” Dean Allard wrote. Their roles are pivotal in industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, real estate, online business, banking, and investments, and fields like energy and financial services present new opportunities for explosive growth. Yet while demand is high for risk and compliance professionals with J.D. degrees, supply is low. “As we continue to see more regulations that need to be managed and adhered to globally – and as more companies are slowed by an inability to do so – compliance and risk managers are going to be paid handsomely,” Dean Allard wrote.

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