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    07.15.13 Professor Edward Janger and “Ice-Cube Bonds” Featured in Press; Forthcoming Article in Yale Law Journal
    Professor Edward Janger

    A forthcoming Yale Law Journal article co-written by Professor Edward Janger and Professor Melissa Jacoby of the University of North Carolina was recently featured in the press, including Bloomberg and the Wall Street Daily Bankruptcy Review. The professors propose the idea of “ice-cube bonds,” which can help companies in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protect themselves during the process of quickly selling assets. The bond would hold money for the company to shelter against any potential harm that such quick sales might create. The bonds’ name refers to the notion that the dissipating value of businesses in bankruptcy are akin to melting ice cubes. Ice-cube bonds would “reduce the routine use of the melting ice cube argument when it isn’t warranted,” Professors Janger and Jacoby explain.

    Read more on Bloomberg and watch a feature with Professor Janger on Bloomberg TV (beginning at 5:50 mark.)

    Read "Ice Cube Bonds: Allocating the Price of Process in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy," currently the second most downloaded article on Social Science Research Network (SSRN).