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    06.28.13 Professor Minor Myers Draws Significant Attention for Paper on Stockholder Appraisal
    Minor Myers

    Professor Minor Myers continues to draw attention for “The Law and Economics of Merger Litigation: Do the Merits Matter in Shareholder Appraisal?”, the paper on stockholder appraisal that he co-authored with Charles Korsmo, a former visiting associate professor at BLS. Following their recent presentation at the 2013 Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, the paper has been referenced twice in the New York Times this week, both times in reference to Dell shareholders — whose options have been called “limited” in light of a takeover bid by Michael Dell and Silver Lake.

    The first article describes findings from Professor Myers’s “excellent study,” as the Times called it, framing them in light of Dell shareholders’ potentially exercising appraisal rights. The second piece, featured in the Sunday Business section, references the paper’s conclusion that, in the 40 cases where both the merger premium and the court’s finding were disclosed, appraisal litigation generated a median award of 50.2 percent over the buyout price. Professor Myers also noted that "some of the cases involved small, private companies where a large premium did not amount to all that much in dollars." The influential DealBreaker site also referenced a Brooklyn Law School article on Professor Myers’s work.

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