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    06.25.13 Professor Cynthia Godsoe on Placement of Children with Gay and Lesbian Parents
    photo of a professor

    With so much focus on same-sex marriage, we're paying little attention to the placement of children with gay and lesbian parents, argues Professor Cynthia Godsoe in a new Huffington Post op-ed. It is not for lack of numbers: Self-identified lesbians and gay men are currently caring for over 14,000 foster children and have adopted at least 65,000 children from foster care. Yet American politicians have focused more on “regulating an intimate adult relationship” than on parenthood of children traumatized by abuse or neglect, Professor Godsoe writes. She pinpoints several possible reasons, among them money, sex, and concern for children. “The longstanding practice of gay men and lesbians fostering and adopting our neediest children has and will continue to contribute to the gradual spread of marriage equality state by state,” Professor Godsoe notes.

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