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    06.14.13 Professor Jonathan Askin Comments on Concerns about NSA's PRISM Program
    Jonathan Askin

    Professor Jonathan Askin recently spoke to about information leaks concerning the National Security Agency's (NSA) PRISM surveillance program. Revelations about the PRISM—which gathers communications from phone companies, internet providers, private email accounts, and chat histories—have elicited outrage from lawmakers and citizens against privacy infringement.

    However, Professor Askin noted that many Americans have already waived their privacy by voluntarily offering their information to social networks. “As 21st century citizens, what do we want our privacy rights to look like in the digital era? We haven’t really addressed that issue head-on as a people yet,” he said. “With millions of people on Facebook, many of us have already made the determination that the abandonment of most of our privacy interests sets the goal for the added convenience afforded by online social networking."

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