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    06.12.13 Professor Gerald Shargel Discusses Closing Office to Join Corporate Firm in New York Times

    In the latest chapter of a storied career, Professor Gerald Shargel ’69, BLS Practitioner-in-Residence and noted criminal defense lawyer, has closed his law office after nearly four decades to become a partner at the global law firm of Winston & Strawn. The time has come to “expand his horizons,” he told the New York Times, after representing clients such as the late Gambino crime boss John Gotti, New York State Senator Malcolm Smith, and actress Amanda Bynes. His new role will also encompass civil litigation. “I have a low tolerance for boredom,” Professor Shargel told the Times. “I have no interest in sitting around a pool in Miami Beach telling people what I used to do.”

    In addition to his trial work, Professor Shargel teaches criminal law courses at BLS. Over the course of his career he has been honored with several major awards, quoted extensively in the media, and named one of the top criminal lawyers in New York by New York Magazine.

    Read the full article.