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    05.29.13 Rising Star Eric Eingold ’15 Charts a Steady Course in Public Service
    Eric Eingold

    Eric Eingold ’15, who will enter his second year at the Law School in the fall, is already charting an impressive and strong course as a public service lawyer. Eingold was among seven first-year students selected as Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellows and was recently awarded an Ella Baker Summer Internship. Eingold will be based in Miami, where he will work at the Community Justice Project of Florida Legal Services.

    Created in the 1980s to honor the legacy of civil rights hero Ella Baker, the program is part of the Center for Constitutional Right’s Social Justice Institute (SJI), an innovative training institute for social justice law students and lawyers created in partnership with the Bertha Foundation. The internship is designed for the next generation of “people’s lawyers,” providing the opportunity for law students to gain hands-on experience working alongside social movements and community organizations to bring about social change. Eingold will be working on workers’ rights issues, immigration detention cases, and a variety of other grassroots projects that arise frequently in Miami, a city marked by income disparity. Eingold is Brooklyn Law School’s second Ella Baker intern in recent years. Last summer, Nura Skaden ’13, also a Sparer Fellow, interned at the Ella Baker Internship site at the Community Justice Clinic at Loyola University College of Law.

    Eingold credits his experience as a Sparer Fellow with introducing him to a community of lawyers and law students committed to social justice and the public interest, ultimately steering him towards the Ella Baker Internship. “The social justice and community outreach work of the Center for Constitutional Rights is what inspired me to attend law school in the first place,” said Eingold.

    Eingold, who is interested in the fields of immigration and racial justice, civil rights, and civil liberties, received a degree in political science with concentrations in Latin American Studies and African American Studies from the University of Central Florida. After graduation, he studied at The New School for Social Research, and received a master's degree in Politics. While at The New School, Eingold’s thesis was an ethnography he wrote while working alongside a group of undocumented immigrants in the kitchen of a popular restaurant. Their stories, struggles, and fears prompted him to study law so that he could ultimately utilize the law to help immigrants like those he met.

    After earning his master’s degree, he became a Project Coordinator for the New York Public Interest Group, where he supervised a staff of 40 students, interns, and volunteers, training college students in civic action and organizing statewide grassroots campaigns on the organization’s key issues. Immediately prior to enrolling in the Law School, he was the North American Program Director for Ma’ase Olam, where he oversaw the expansion of an Israeli-based social justice organization throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

    “Preparing lawyers to work for social justice has been part of Brooklyn Law School's mission since its founding over a century ago,” said Dean Nick Allard. “Eric is already proving to be a crusader for the public interest here at the Law School and beyond. We could not be more proud of his accomplishments.”

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