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    05.22.13 Professor Elizabeth Schneider Discusses Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s Resignation on NY1
    Elizabeth Schneider

    Professor Elizabeth Schneider was a recent guest on the NY1 show, "Road to City Hall," to discuss the resignation of New York State Assembly member Vito Lopez and the sexual harassment allegations against him. Lopez, who was accused by multiple female employees of sexual harassment, resigned from office this week after a report from the Joint Commission on Public Ethics detailing his behavior, as well as months of pressure from the public and other politicians.

    Professor Schneider, an expert on civil and women’s rights, explained that “there’s tremendous fear and tremendous anxiety” that a person may lose her job if sexual harassment is reported. “Often the line of authority in a workplace is unclear,” she added. “Even if there is a sexual harassment policy, it’s unclear who to go to, unclear whether or not the complaint is confidential.”

    View the full interview.