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    05.01.13 Gideon Martin ’14 and Charlette Matts-Brown ’15 Awarded Peggy Browning Fellowships
    Charlette Mattas

    Charlette Matts-Brown ’15

    Gideon Martin ’14 and Charlette Matts-Brown ’15 have each been awarded 10-week summer fellowships supported by the Peggy Browning Fund, a nonprofit organization that encourages students to pursue careers in public interest labor law. Martin will focus on workers’ rights and employment law at the New York office of the Major League Baseball Players Association, while Matts-Brown will focus on labor law at the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 1776.

    Established in memory of Margaret A. Browning, a prominent labor attorney and member of the National Labor Relations Board, Peggy Browning Fellowships provide law students with unique work experiences in social and economic justice. The objective is to “educate and inspire the next generation of law students to become advocates for workplace justice,” according to the organization. Martin and Matts-Brown were selected from more than 500 applicants at 139 law schools following a highly competitive application process that considered educational, work, volunteer, and personal experiences.

    Gideon Martin
    Gideon Martin ’14

    A graduate of University of Wisconsin–Madison, Martin worked for two years as a policy analyst and community liaison for a New York State Assembly Member, focusing on unemployment insurance benefits. He is an Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Fellow and a member of the Law School’s Journal of Law and Policy. He currently interns for U.S. Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak in the Eastern District of New York.

    “This fellowship is an exciting opportunity to work on meaningful workers’ rights and employment law issues on a daily basis—and the fact that it involves baseball is a welcome bonus,” said Martin. “I am thrilled to have been selected.”

    As part of her fellowship, Matts-Brown will help ensure the rights of food and commercial workers. Her interest is rooted in personal experience, having witnessed the 2007 Writers Guild strike while working at a small Los Angeles-based production company. The event inspired Matts-Brown to learn more about how labor and employment issues affect workers, employers, and communities. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

    "I understand the challenges of working in the retail industry,” said Matts-Brown. “I am very excited for the opportunity to advocate for rights that are so essential to the livelihood and happiness of food and retail workers."