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    04.15.13 Professor Stacy Caplow on Gubernatorial Pardon Power in National Law Journal Op-Ed
    picture of a teacher

    In a recent op-ed for The National Law Journal, Professor Stacy Caplow discusses the “sound public policy” of gubernatorial pardon power in preventing deportation of worthy residents. The 50 governors as well as the president are empowered to grant pardons, Professor Caplow explains, but few exercise this authority generously—an unfortunate reality in light of the many noncitizens facing deportation. “Until Congress comes to its senses and restores humanity to the immigration system by restoring discretion to immigration judges to do the right thing in deserving cases, governors should use their power to save worthy residents of their states from exile while preserving family unity and both economic and community stability,” she writes.

    Professor Caplow teaches immigration and nationality law at Brooklyn Law School and co-directs the Safe Harbor clinic.

    Read the full article.