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    03.06.13 Seventh Annual Sara Robbins Spelling Bee Raises Money for Memorial Scholarship
    Spelling Bee

    On February 7, students, faculty, and members of the BLS community filled the Subotnick Center to capacity for the seventh annual Sara Robbins Spelling Bee. The energetic audience cheered on the nearly 30 spellers and heckled the presiding judges, Associate Dean Michael Cahill and Professors Chris Serkin and Nelson Tebbe.

    The spelling bee was lively and entertaining, with contestants prompting the judges for humorous uses of their words in a sentence and judges periodically pausing the action for drink refills. The words chosen by the judges also drew lots of laughs from the audience. From the categories of “Groundhog Day,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “Some Weather Words,” participants spelled a range of words, including “marmot,” “tryst,” and “aphrodisiac,” as well as some non-words, like “snowpocalypse” and “snowmageddon.”

    After more than three hours of competition, Marron Doherty ’14 emerged as the winner with the word “chancel.” Erika Lorshbaugh ’12, who was a previous winner of the Spelling Bee, took second place and Rochel Weissman ’15 took third place.

    Hosted by BARBRI and the SBA, proceeds from the event go towards the Sara Robbins Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded each year to a deserving student who exhibits generosity and commitment to the Law School. The spelling bee has raised over $7,000 in the past two years from ticket sales, raffle tickets, and the silent auction, which features services and goods donated by local businesses.

    View photos of the event.