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    02.21.13 Professor Mark Noferi Discusses Immigrant Detention Reform in Baltimore Sun Op-Ed

    In an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun, BLS Professor Mark Noferi and Professor Robert Koulish from the University of Maryland discuss recent efforts to reform U.S. immigration detention policies. With over 429,000 incarcerated immigrants awaiting entrance or deportation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is beginning to use risk-assessment data as a way to decriminalize the immigration process. New computer programs produce reports on an immigrant’s criminal and family background, allowing for a more efficient civil system.

    The professors argue that risk assessment technology will allow Congress to finally end mandatory detention for immigrants and decrease funding for detention programs without added security threats. They wrote, “Tailoring our immigration laws and practices to actual risk would help ensure that in America, detention without criminal conviction remains the exception, not the rule.”

    Professor Noferi teaches a seminar in Constitutional Civil Rights and Immigration and his research interests focus on immigrants’ rights. His most recent article, Cascading Constitutional Deprivation: The Right to Appointed Counsel for Mandatorily Detained Immigrants Pending Removal Proceedings, was published in the Michigan Journal of Race & Law in winter 2012. He is the faculty advisor for the BLS Immigration Court Observation Project and assists with the Safe Harbor Clinic.

    Read the full article.