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    02.01.13 Community Development Clinic Charters NYC Peace Museum

    With the aid of Professor David Reiss and the students in the Community Development Clinic, the NYC Peace Museum is one step closer to opening its doors.

    BLS students Vincent DiForte ’14, Evan Rosin ’13, Kenneth Craig Reilly ’13, Kyle Antonelli ‘12, Stuart Linder ‘12 and Cameron Weil ’13 helped charter the museum, a process that includes making an application to the NYS Board of Regents. The students have also provided advice and counsel to the Museum’s board and founders.

    The NYC Peace Museum has a vision to “transform memories of intolerance, hatred, conflict and war into a re-dedication to life, peace and harmony” as well as “bring people together, inspiring and promoting a culture of peace locally and globally.” The Museum hopes to open its doors sometime in 2014 in a soon to be determined location.

    “Many students come to BLS excited and passionate about the arts and this type of representation is a great way to experience how lawyers can support cultural institutions,” said Professor Reiss.

    This is the second museum that the Community Development Clinic has represented—they previously provided representation for The Toy Museum of NY (formerly the Doll and Toy Museum of NY).

    The goal of the Community Development Clinic is to ensure that important, but smaller, voices are heard as Brooklyn communities are rethought, rezoned and redeveloped. Students in the Clinic represent community development corporations, cultural institutions, affordable housing providers and small businesses that serve underrepresented communities.

    Read more about the Community Development Clinic on