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    01.09.13 Professor Lisa Smith Comments on Social Media and Ohio Rape Case in the Christian Science Monitor
    lisa smith

    Professor Lisa Smith recently spoke to the Christian Science Monitor about the developing role of digital devices and social media in the criminal justice system. She commented in particular about the ongoing case in Ohio, in which two teenage boys are accused of raping their female classmate. Due to the lack of physical evidence, evidence is based primarily on photos, text messages, and emails that were shared among the victim, accusers, and their classmates.

    “The dynamic is creating a whole new world in the criminal justice system,” said Professor Smith. ““The average juror has no way to know which [testifying] cardiologist is telling the truth. But when it comes to Facebook and photos and text messages, they are going to use their own common sense and make judgments based on their own personal experience.”

    Read the full article.