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    01.04.13 Spreading Holiday Cheer, Public Service Style

    On November 28, the Public Service Office and BLSPI, in co-sponsorship with Themis Bar Review and the Career Center, hosted an end of year event in support of the Children’s Law Center (CLC), which is dedicated to representing abused and neglected children. Brooklyn Law School students and staff donated close to 100 toys and books to replenish the play rooms at the CLC and worked together to create cards for CLC clients that will be distributed during this holiday season.

    Students also learned about the CLC mission as well as its internship program and career opportunities. Saira Khan ’10, an attorney at the CLC, also spoke to students about the value of working on behalf of children and encouraged students to work in the organization’s clinic.

    CLC Executive Director Karen P. Simmons, who is also an Adjunct Professor at the Law School, commented on the importance of a toy drive during the holiday season, noting, “The young children we represent are involved is such complicated matters. We appreciate and thank everyone for the toys and books that let them enjoy being kids."

    “Especially during this time of year, it was really great to see the pro bono community come together to create cards for the CLC and to celebrate all of our hard work and dedication,” said event organizer Jana Hymowitz ’14.

    BLS students who were unable to join the celebration, but are interested in CLC’s work can enroll for the CLC Clinic. In the clinic, students are teamed with lawyers that work with social workers and paralegals to ensure that the position of the child is “zealously advocated before the court.” The clinic’s weekly seminar classes are held at the offices of the CLC and are taught by Professor Simmons along with several CLC managers.