Spring 2013

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Greetings from the New Brooklyn
If you haven’t been to Brooklyn lately, what are you waiting for? Brooklyn is the new black. It is a hub for technology, a center of DIY fortitude, a haven for culinary talent, a mecca for fashion designers, a breeding ground for start-ups, and an oasis for all manner of innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs. In this feature, we introduce the BLS graduates and students who have played an integral part in fueling the borough’s impressive development. They have had a hand in redeveloping the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, bringing the 18,000 seat Barclays Center to Flatbush Avenue, sustaining successful start-ups like Tough Mudder and MakerBot, and counseling tech incubators and community leaders.… Read More

Cleaning up the Financial Aid Crisis
Like “Inside Job,” the Academy Award-winning documentary about the origins of the 2008 financial crisis, this thought-provoking article by BLS Professors Bradley Borden and David Reiss tells the story of a crime without punishment. Borden and Reiss explore the wrongdoing that caused the 2008 financial crisis and examine why it is that prosecutors have been reluctant to bring charges against individuals who originated bad loans, pooled bad mortgages, and sold bad mortgage-backed securities. “Without criminal liability,” they conclude, “we risk a repeat of the type of conduct that brought us to the edge of financial ruin.”… Read More

The Magnificent 7
In this feature, we introduce the seven BLS alumnae selected for Super Lawyers’ “Top 50 Women” list: Harriet Newman Cohen ’74, Barbara Kaplan ’75, Jane Stevens ’77, BLS Board of Trustees member Eileen Nugent ’78, Lynne Fischman Uniman ’79, Ellen Makofsky ’85, and Colleen Caden ’99. Their peer-recognized success represents the best of Brooklyn Law School.… Read More

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