Public Service Law Center

About the Public Service Law Center

Brooklyn Law School’s Public Service Law Center serves as a hub of resources and information related to public service programs, initiatives, and activities.The center advances the Law School’s dynamic tradition of service, offering myriad ways to use your legal education to engage in public service, from an expansive array of student-led pro bono projects to innovative fellowship programs, and more.

Whether or not you hope to devote your entire career to this field, engaging in public service is a great way to gain real-world legal experience and make a positive difference for individuals and communities. You can participate in a skill-building program, intern with a government agency or nonprofit legal services or policy organization, or get involved in one or more of the many pro bono projects available to students.

The center offers individual public service career counseling to current students and alumni; programming on public service-related topics, such as client interviewing workshops, career roundtables with practicing public service attorneys, and workshops on preparing for public service job interviews; and support for pro bono projects and public service-oriented student organizations.

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Public Service Law Center
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