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Brooklyn Law School - Karen PorterThe Center for Health, Science and Public Policy offers students the opportunity to study health law in a collaborative environment. Our students are exposed to a rich and rigorous curriculum, which provides them with the substantive knowledge and practical skills necessary to become excellent lawyers in fields related to health and science.

I see my role as helping to educate these future leaders, encouraging new initiatives, and partnering with programs and people that are moving health care and science law into the future.

The health care challenges facing our world are increasingly becoming more complex. Our curriculum is always evolving to remain on the cutting edge. The distinguished members of our faculty help students explore how law both contributes to and, at times, impedes meaningful progress toward healthy communities.

A strong intellectual and service community, the Center extends its reach beyond the classroom, with externships at leading public and non-profit organizations in the New York metropolitan area. These are organizations whose missions include health care delivery, access to care, public health or broader public policy concerns. Through health law externships, students gain real-world experience, address difficult challenges in law and policy, and make meaningful contributions.

The Center is also an interdisciplinary venue where new ideas, policies and programs are generated. Each year, it hosts a variety of programs that examine the complex ethical, legal and socio-economic consequences of advancing technology. With the enthusiastic support of a broad constituency of scholars and professionals, our programs inform the public and encourage scholarship and research to improve the quality of health care services and the integrity of science.

We hope you will visit our Center pages often to learn more about our new programs and updates.

Karen Porter
Executive Director

Center for Health, Science & Public Policy

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