Brooklyn Law School - CUBE


How do lawyers prepare
for a new landscape?


The answer is here in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Law School - CUBE
CUBE harnesses the extraordinary entrepreneurial activity in Brooklyn to prepare our students for careers in a rapidly changing marketplace for new lawyers.

CUBE is a center of remarkable energy and activity, offering global opportunities for students to work with businesses, startups, and social entrepreneurs; consultation sessions with small businesses in Brooklyn; networking events that give our students the Brooklyn edge in their career paths; and programs including the CUBE Innovators Competition.

The Law School is ideally situated within the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, which had a total economic impact of $5.3 billion. Through CUBE, we are tapping into the tremendous growth of Brooklyn as a leading international hub for innovation in business, technology, and culture to offer unparalleled opportunities to our students right in our own backyard.


CUBE’s three core functions

Brooklyn Law School - CUBE


CUBE was created to leverage the Law School’s core strengths in clinical and business law education and proximity to the vibrant Brooklyn startup community.

CUBE enhances the Law School by providing effective legal representation and support for entrepreneurial ventures in the private sector.

CUBE programming enables Brooklyn Law School to maximize opportunities to educate and train law students to be effective lawyers and advisors to entrepreneurs through a combination of practical experience and rigorous academic coursework.


Brooklyn Law School - CUBE

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