What is PipS?

PipS is a two-year fellowship program sponsored by Brooklyn Law School, in cooperation with government agencies and nonprofit organizations, which encompasses students’ last year of law school and first post-graduate year. The mission of PipS is to improve the practical skills of new lawyers, while expanding the ability of nonprofit organizations and government agencies to provide legal services. BLS is the first law school on the East Coast to offer this unique Fellowship, which launched in Fall 2014.

Why is PipS Novel?

Right now, law schools in the U.S. require three years of study, but many practicing lawyers complain that newly graduated lawyers do not know how to do any meaningful work. This program helps train students to be productive and useful while they are still in law school.

How Does the Fellowship Work?

During their 3L year, PipS Fellows work full-time in entry-level positions receiving appropriate training and supervision at one of our partner legal offices, as well as attend a classroom component in the evening at BLS. Students also can enroll in one or two other classes in either or both semesters. After nine months of work with one of our partners, and after graduation, Fellows take a break to study for the bar exam before returning to their Fellowship placement for a full year. Fellows – by that point with one year of experience – return to the office with the skills and knowledge that employers need.

During the 3L year, Fellows pay tuition to BLS (retaining any law school scholarship assistance). During the post-graduate year, the employer contributes an amount to cover the Fellowship and certain employee benefits.


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