Stepping out of the classroom and into the real world after graduation is a huge transition that ordinarily requires a learning curve. Instead, our graduates are sought after and praised by employers specifically for their “excellent work ethic” and “preparedness” that gives them a competitive edge and a seamless step into practice.

That important edge is the culmination of a multitude of experiential opportunities we provide for you during your studies, in preparation for post-graduate practice.

Academic Year/Summer Internships

Internships can be paid, they can be for credit, or done on a volunteer basis based on the type of employer. Externships are simply internships for credit. Our internship program is one of the largest of any law school.

Each summer approximately 400 students attain externships with judges, government agencies, public interest organizations, as well as in private, for-profit practice, in entertainment law firms and companies, and general counsel offices and corporations. And at least 175 additional externships are offered throughout the academic year. A comparable amount of students receive public service grants paid for by the law school to intern with public service employers for the summer and during the academic year.

Internship Placements

Judicial Internships
Through hands-on experience in federal and state judicial chambers, judicial interns are exposed to essential research, analysis, and writing skills, and an opportunity to observe judges as they hear cases or meet with lawyers in pre-trial negotiations. OCPD job listings contain many judicial externship opportunities. Your career counselor will meet with you to explain the different court placements and discuss the complex application process.

Government Internships
Regardless of which area of the law you ultimately choose, government internships provide an excellent foundation for law students and recent graduates. Government lawyers practice in a variety of areas, such as litigation, contracts, torts, civil rights, criminal law, antitrust, securities, intellectual property and international law. New government lawyers may assume full responsibility for their own caseloads much sooner than their counterparts in the private sector.

Many corporations have summer programs for first and second year students, which are available through the Career Development Center’s job listings.

Law Firms
Recruitment programs and job fairs are held year-round, when large and small law firms interview and hire our students for academic year and summer placements as well as post-graduate positions. The Fall On-Campus Interviewing Program brings international law firms to Brooklyn Law School during the late summer and throughout the fall to interview second, third, and fourth year students for both summer and permanent positions.

Business Boot Camp

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