Black History Month

Brooklyn Law School Celebrates a Legacy of African-American Achievement

Since the Law School’s founding in 1901, African American graduates have been trailblazers and leaders in the law and in a remarkable range of fields. As the nation celebrates Black History Month, meet some of our accomplished alumni whose careers continue to have a powerful impact and influence on the law and society in New York City and beyond.

Florence Lucas ’39

The Honorable William Thompson Sr. ’54

The Honorable David N. Dinkins ’56

Benjamin Ward ’65

The Honorable Sterling Johnson Jr. ’66

Wanda Denson-Low '81
Wanda Denson-Low ’81

Robert E. Johnson '82
Robert E. Johnson ‘82

Winston A. McLaughlin '84
Winston A. McLaughlin ’84

Jacqueline McMickens '88
Jacqueline McMickens ’88

Stan Wilcox ‘88

Alphonzo A. Grant Jr. '98
Alphonzo A. Grant Jr. ’98

Shawn A. Miles '98
Shawn A. Miles ’98

Dona J. Fraser '01
Dona J. Fraser ’01

Nicole George-Middleton '01
Nicole George-Middleton ’01

Frederick Curry '03
Frederick Curry ’03

Errol Louis ’05

Ashley Allison ’11

Leanne Welds ’14

Sumner H. Lark 1916