How to Apply

Applying for a Sparer Fellowship

Each year a small number of entering students are selected for the Sparer Fellowship as well as a group of current students in their first and second years of study. Applicants must first be accepted for admission to Brooklyn Law School to be considered for a Sparer Public Interest Fellowship. Therefore, early filing of the admission application is strongly encouraged.

Serious consideration is given to those applicants with strong academic backgrounds, demonstrated aptitude for law study, and other achievements, including proven interest in and commitment to the goals of the program.

Applicants must submit information about their scholastic and employment records, community service and outside activities related to public interest, a personal statement, and at least one letter of recommendation. The applicant’s interest and commitment to public interest issues and demonstrated academic achievement are important selection criteria. The Sparer Fellowship Committee interviews finalists. Fellows are required to commit to active participation in the work of the Program.

Application Deadlines
Interested students should apply for admission to the Law School and submit the Application for Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship.

For students applying to the Fellowship Program prior to matriculation
Admission application and all supplementary documents required for admission must be received by the Admissions Office no later than April 19 of the year in which enrollment is sought.

The application for the Sparer Fellowship is due April 19.

The application for the Sparer Fellowship, including the required essay, the applicant's résumé, and any supporting letters of recommendation, must be sent in one packet to:

Marva Skeene
Administrative Assistant to the Sparer Fellowship Program
Brooklyn Law School
250 Joralemon Street, Room 800A
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Note: All application materials, including letter(s) of recommendation, must be included in one packet.

Sparer Fellows must maintain a grade point average in the top half of their class. If a student receiving a fellowship does not return to the Law School in the year following the Sparer placement and, therefore, cannot fulfill his or her responsibilities to the program, the Law School requires repayment of the stipend, subject to appropriate arrangements. For students applying for the Fellowship Program in their first or second year of law school, applications are due in late October.  

Further information about the Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship Program can be obtained by emailing or calling Danielle Sorken. She can be reached at or at (718) 780-0689.

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Sparer Fellowship Program
Marva Skeene
Brooklyn Law School
250 Joralemon Street, Room 800A
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Telephone: (718) 780-0351