your legal studies


Our curriculum offers over 200 courses in a broad range of subjects, allowing you to pursue any field that interests you. It's a rigorous, academic approach that blends doctrinal and experiential instruction. The goal is to equip you with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills that will be required of you as a successful, practicing lawyer.

Our Degree Options

Prospective students can choose from flexible options, including 3-, 3.5-, 4-, or 4.5-year J.D. programs. Brooklyn Law School also offers an LL.M. for foreign-trained lawyers, as well as several innovative joint-degree programs.

Clinical Program

Our clinical program - one of the first in the nation - is regarded as one of the finest and most comprehensive. The program offers students invaluable opportunities to work with real clients on real cases and develop an extraordinary skill set in the process. Our clinics and externships extend the campus to hundreds of state and federal courthouses, government agencies, law offices, and businesses throughout New York City.

Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship

The Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship Program offers highly qualified students unique opportunities to explore the practice of public interest law. Sparer Fellows are inspired by the program to work for justice, to provide legal services to under-represented constituencies, and to foster the Law School's strong public interest community.

International Opportunities

We offer exciting opportunities for you to take your legal studies abroad and experience the law from an entirely different perspective, through semester-long exchange programs with partnering universities, summer abroad programs, and international fellowships.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society

he Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society (“ADRHS”) is Brooklyn Law School’s distinguished accredited honors organization that prepares students for success in the newest trend in the legal profession.

Moot Court Honor Society

Year after year, Brooklyn Law School students win individual awards for outstanding oral and written advocacy, as well as group awards for winning competitions. Join one of the most distinguished and accomplished moot court programs in the country, and host of the Prince Evidence Competition.

Academic Success Program

Our goal is for all of our students maximize their potential for learning and understanding the law. Our program assists students as they initially encounter the rigors of law school and fosters an atmosphere in which students can excel.

Summer Session

Take advantage of a great opportunity to study at Brooklyn Law School this summer. We provide an outstanding learning experience for law students who wish to advance their studies or satisfy requirements for graduation.


Through valuable externships and a rich educational program encompassing a broad range of emerging issues, each fellowship offers academic insights, practical experience, and far-reaching networking opportunities that will take you beyond practice, and help you to succeed.

Legal Writing Program

Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best programs in the nation, our prestigious Legal Writing Program provides students with the essential writing, research, and advocacy skills that they will need to succeed in today’s legal world.