Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Student Diversity and Inclusion

Brooklyn Law School has committed itself to active stewardship over the intellectual life of the law school and the shared experiences of its community. With this commitment, the law school endeavors to be the destination of choice for a richly diverse population of highly qualified students who seek a career in the legal field. From its founding over a century ago, Brooklyn Law School adopted a welcoming policy. At a time when the doors of many law schools were closed to women, people of color and members of various religious groups, Brooklyn Law accepted all qualified students. As a gateway to the economic, civic, and professional success of our graduates, we take pride in the diversity of our academic community.

By embracing diversity, the law school signals a core commitment to provide a rich learning environment and to value the perspective of all students and their experiences, to support and encourage its faculty in its scholarship and activities that explore the intersection of diversity and the law, and to support its extensive alumni community as practicing lawyers. The intellectual lives of students, faculty and alumni, their social interactions, and their concerns deserve focused attention so as to ensure the best possible experiences across all programs and aspects of life at the law school. Such an effort requires collaboration on the part of faculty, administrators, students and staff to identify emerging issues that warrant focused attention; to develop and implement new programming; and to foster productive engagement of and partnership with various Brooklyn Law School communities.

The law school is committed to working to articulate values that have resonance across the multiple programs and diverse populations that is Brooklyn Law School and to ensure that these values are sustainable over time.

We, the Brooklyn Law School community, are committed to creating an active, vibrant, diverse community which supports and nurtures all of its members as they participate in the world beyond our walls.